Seven Chakra Engraved Palmstone Set
Seven Chakra Engraved Palmstone Set
Seven Chakra Engraved Palmstone Set

Seven Chakra Engraved Palmstone Set

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A beautiful and powerful hand made chakra stone energy that helps in creating a life of harmony, health, and spiritual awakening.
Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex and is used to describe the energy centers of the body.
There are seven Chakras, each associated with certain parts of the physical body as well as with our mind and spiritual development. Each of the stones in this energy generators is associated with one of the 7 chakras for whole being wellness.

The seven different crystals in each pointer are as follows:
•Red Jasper – Is the supreme nurturer and encourages spiritual development at a gentle rate. Can also help alleviate stress.
•Sunstone - Sunstone brings forth the magic of openness, warmth, and willingness to help others. This is also a great stone for developing leadership and organizational skills.
• Jade – Is thought to be a very lucky crystal. Energetic and stimulating brings joy and happiness.
• Iolite: Iolite is a vision stone. It clears thought forms, opening intuition. Aids in understanding and releasing the causes of addiction. Helps you to express your true self, free from the expectations of others.
•Carnelian- Carnelian restores vitality and motivation, and stimulates creativity. It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy and motivates for success.
•Lapis Lazuli – Is a blue healing crystal that promotes psychic ability. A bonding stone in love and friendship.
•Amethyst – Is a violet crystal which helps develop your psychic abilities. It is known as one of the master healers

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Running Water

Water is said to neutralize negative energy stored inside the stone.

Duration - For a Minute only

Full Moon

A full moon and a new moon are especially powerful for cleansing and recharging your stones, however any moonlight will work. You can place them outside at night Even If it is a cloudy night the moon's rays will still energies the stones.

Duration - Overnight


Smudging is a very efficient way of clearing crystals. You can use sage , Palo Santo, sandalwood or even incense to smudge your crystals. Simply burn the smudge stick or incense stick and pass your stones through the smoke. This will Clear the stones of all negative energy.

Duration - 1 minute

Cleansing with Selenite

It is believed selenite can cleanse and charge any crystal. Keep crystals on selenite coaster or bowl.

Duration- 6 hours

Salt Water

Salt water has been used to absorb unwanted energy and banish negativity A tablespoon of Himalayan salt into a bowl of water. Make sure that your stone is completely submerged. Rinse and pat dry when complete. Please Check if your crystal is water safe or not. Otherwise will be damaged.

Duration - 15 minutes

All metaphysical information posted here about our crystals is for spiritual purposes and should not be mistaken for medical advice or treatment. Even though the intent of our products is to promote a positive change for the user, the outcome of using our products relies solely on the users input. All products sold by us are meant to supplement the users own personal intentions to create a desired outcome.

Angelic Guidance Crystals does not take responsibility or guarantee an outcome or effect when using any of our products.

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